To our customers: About COVID-19 coronavirus

Reed Exhibitions released the third edition of Reed's Global Health and Safety Strategy in the Context of the New Crown Epidemic: Exhibition Events in the New Normal in January 2022. This revised edition keeps pace with changes in the evolving epidemic, as well as the latest research findings, thinking, and practices as the industry gradually adapts and relaunches its business.
The health and safety of Reed's employees, partners, exhibitors, and visitors are its number one priority. Reed's Global Safety Show Strategy and Five-Point Enhanced Health and Safety Plan will continue to be updated, but retain its focus on collaboration and engagement, risk management, planning, communications, and safeguards.

Reed's Five-Point Safety Plan aims to reduce the risk of new coronaviruses that have been assessed by complementing and enhancing the safeguards already in place outside of trade shows and event venues.

The document demonstrates to all of Reed's partners its plans to prepare for New Crown outbreak prevention, control, and compliance for the hosting of trade shows where relevant countries permit, with the aim of maintaining and rebuilding confidence. Reed is in a good position to come back and continue to put on trade shows and events that are good for business.


Click here to download a PDF version of the full document.

Now that China is one of the few countries worldwide that can host exhibitions, Reed will continue to lay out its exhibitions in various cities in the second half of the year in accordance with the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control.

We would like to invite you back to Reed Exhibitions and look forward to seeing your familiar faces at the event again!

South China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair - Reed Huabai Department Store Association's brand exhibitions

South China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair & Private Label Exhibition 2023 is a brand exhibition under China International Department Store Fair, which will be grandly held in Guangzhou from March 9-11, 2023. South China Daily-Use Articles Trade Fair spreads to South Chinese and international markets, creating a high-quality whole-industry chain innovation showcase for the department store industry, as well as more business opportunities in the ever-changing South China department store market.

Since its establishment in 1953, it has been trusted by the industry and has become a professional trading and cooperation platform for the houseware industry. It is held in Shanghai at the end of July every year.  Thousands of well-known brands from home and abroad compete to provide new products in the industry and competitive prices, attracting a large number of KA chains, BC supermarkets, e-commerce, as well as brand owners and end buyers to dock, covering dozens of categories of housewares such as plastic products, glass products, stainless steel products, bamboo and wood products, kitchenware, and cleaning products. It is an unmissable supply-demand docking and sourcing platform.

Scope of Exhibits